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We provide management and digital solutions that solve supply chain, sourcing, acquisition and logistics challenges for customers that seek to drive value within their organization.

Supply Chain and Maintenance

SNTC works with customers to improve the efficiency of their supply chain and to gain increased integration with  maintenance and repair operations.  SNTC applies process maturity models and benchmark analysis to improve and to identify and document risk within supply chain operations.  

Acquisition Program Management

SNTC provides extensive subject matter expertise providing acquisition program management support to complex programs, ensuring that all aspects of program planning, budgeting and design are compliant to regulatory and policy requirements. 

Sourcing Improvement Services

SNTC provides advisory services that improve  contracting processes and increases an organization's direct and indirect spend potential by providing improved sourcing approaches and a better understanding of market conditions. 

Logistics Planning and Support

SNTC supports all elements of the supply chain and logistics planning requirements for programs and systems deployed within operational  environments by ensuring that maintenance, supply and transportation requirements are in complete alignment

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