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SNTC delivers results to our clients 

SNTC takes great pride in our delivery to the following organizations.  

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Case Studies

For the Deputy Assistant of the Navy, Acquisition and Procurement​.  SNTC provides daily immersion in Federal, Department of Defense and Navy contracting policy.  Research expertise and guidance on unique contracting issues including non-construction contracts containing construction elements, inter-agency acquisition, clauses, and  commercial item contracting.  Review of the Federal Register, DPAP, National Contracts Management Association and other contracting related websites to identify policy changes, impacts and best practices.

For the Program Executive Officer, Integrated Warfare Systems.  SNTC provides engineering support to multiple radar and sensor programs across the organization.  SNTC personnel has been instrumental in supporting the development of the project portfolio management methodologies and the development of methods that gain additional buy in and support of acquisition approaches prior to the formalized approval milestone processes. 

For Naval Sea Systems Command, Program Management Competency Business Office.  SNTC provides analysis and standardization of program management, contracting, and acquisition process that create standards across all of the NAVSEA PEOs.  SNTC has been instrumental in providing process improvement, constraint analysis and documentation for multiple processes to include, procurement request, PWS/SOW development and writing, PPBES defense and reclama development.  

University Partnership

SNTC is partnered with the Maryland Digital Transformation Center to develop technologies that can enhance and improve digital transformation within the Government.  SNTC has provided mentoring to students developing computer science skills through participation in an annual capstone program and supported the development of curriculum to enhance the employability of students upon graduation.  The Maryland Digital Transformation Center is attached to Bowie State University a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) that collaborates with other HBCUs and other Maryland University System schools.    

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