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We advise clients on how to implement technology that supports the supply chain.  We use technology to improve and to enhance the supply chain capability and ensure that organizations can implement a digital strategy and industry 4.0 objectives. 

Block Chain
Supply networks are complex, several different providers having to work together to accomplish single objective with dependencies and interdependencies that have to be enforced and auditable at any given time.  Block chain technology has the ability to provide increased value to a complex supply chain.   
  • Supply network blockchain 

  • Multi tiered supply structure 

  • Centralized ledger for supply transactions

Predictive Data Analytics
Ability to sense and predict irregular conditions within the supply chain or automatically surge to support unforeseen conditions requires the ability to assess data and to react to trends associated with the data.   
  • Data aggregation 

  • Modeling and trend analysis 

  • Metrics and measures 

  • Data lake implementation

Cloud Migration
Optimizing infrastructure cost is imperative to most organizations.  Using private or public cloud as an alternative is another way to operate with someone else physical infrastructure.  As security protocol has matured and other standards enacted, more and more systems will consider the cloud as an alternative.   
  • Cloud planning 

  • Cloud center of excellence 

  • Demand planning 

  • Migration support

Robotics Process Automation
Transactions that are less complex can be completed utilizing robotic process automation in a much more efficient approach and with less error rates.  Using defined bots that execute an action and controls the action can be used for numerous highly transitional user cases.  
  • Contract close out 

  • Reconciliations 

  • Repetitive transaction management

SNTC partners and collaborates with multiple technology platforms and products.

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