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We provides services that we have expertise in delivering, we focus on becoming better at delivering proven insight and solutions that improve our client's value contribution. 

Supply Chain and Maintenance
Achieving a full integrated supply and maintenance solution requires a full understanding of current process, compliance requirements and a multitude of operating models.  Our supply chain and maintenance solutions provide improved operating efficiency by reducing time and cost out of the operations.  
  • Efficiency optimization

  • Process improvement, lean six sigma

  • Supply chain risk management

  • Enterprise resource planning

  • Maintenance and supply root cause analysis

Sourcing Improvement Services
When you want to improvement the way you source, procure and buy for your organization, we have the solutions that will bring immediate benefit.  
  • Contract policy and regulatory compliance

  • Industry analysis

  • Purchase request and contract writing process improvement

  • Source selection support

  • Procure to Pay

Program and Acquisition Management
If you have a large complex program that requires a dedicated Program Management Office, SNTC has the depth and expertise  to support with day to day operations or as an adviser bringing years of knowledge and experience to the program. 
  • Program management support services

  • Acquisition alternatives analysis and planning

  • Cost estimation, budget formulation

  • Emerging Program Management (Agile, OTA, Spiral)

Integrated Logistics Management Solutions
Across all aspects of integrated logistics support or specific large scale logistics management challenges, the SNTC team can provide immediate services and structure to the challenge.  
  • Logistics planning

  • Integrated logistics support

  • Scenario modeling

  • Product data management

  • Transportation optimization

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